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We level Up’s behavioral health program is a unique cutting-edge therapeutic program designed to improve mental health treatment results. We provide caring, warm & attentive treatment, personalized curated therapy, and post-treatment coaching while applying advances in neuroscience.

We believe that healing through proper evidence-based professional treatment is possible. Our scientific, patient-focused practice has gained us the faith of clients & their families.

At the core of what we accomplish are the tenets of humane care along with advanced evidence-based programs.

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Personality Disorders

Levels of Care & Programs

Residential Mental Health Treatment – Primary inpatient behavioral health treatment includes intensive therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality, obsessive-compulsive, psychosis, self-harm, and other therapy.

Co-Occurring Dual-Diagnosis Program – State-of-the-art inpatient behavioral health therapy programs include complex multi-occurring dual diagnosis cases including substance use disorder. Through treatment, clients are empowered to live a better and more productive life. Inpatient supervised detox & primary addiction treatment may be available at an affiliated facility nearby.

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Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and direction to establish a lasting foundation of recovery. We inspire hope and promote healing through the highest level of tailor-fit mental health and substance abuse treatment services available. 

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Behavioral Health Therapies & Program Activities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Using different CBT techniques; exploring automatic negative thoughts and catastrophic language and how to change negative thought processes for a more positive outcome and for a better feeling response to the situation.

Morning Meditation Therapy

The facilitator leads guided imagery and morning meditation to start off the day and ground in the positive; residents are asked to participate in deep breathing, guided imagery and continue to remain positive throughout the day; typically residents rotate reading a small passage from approved literature, then Residents set a “goal for the day”, which is followed by the evening wrap up and a progress report on goal status.

Self-Esteem Therapy

The facilitator completes a 6-week rotation of various exercises on “getting to know myself”; focuses on differences between perception and authentic self and dangers of living in a dichotomy; works on positive self-imagery and utilizes excerpts from The Four Agreements to assist in remaining positive and focused on self.

Emotional De-Escalation

The facilitator continues to build on mental health and wellness as it pertains to various emotional responses in early recovery; pause; respond vs. reacting; able to focus on the emotional and mental aspects of recovery, separate from physical symptomology; reviews importance of avoiding catastrophic language, and when escalating, remaining focused on the current situation and how to de-escalate self.


Action group and spontaneous dramatization, often with role-playing activities, dramatic self-presentation to investigate and gain insight into our lives.; a creative way for an individual or group to explore and solve personal problems; various use of techniques including “empty chair”, writing exercises and acting out certain situations that have created grief, loss, and issues unable to resolve from past trauma that affect current life situations.

Art Therapy

Utilizing art and various forms of expression as opposed to talk therapy to uncover issues below the surface with many mediums, including painting, sculpting, acting, arts, and crafts.

Men’s & Women’s Gender Groups

Split groups where clients are asked to attend a group session based on the gender to which they identify; offer’s a safe opportunity to discuss situations that may be uncomfortable in a larger group setting.

Music Therapy

Utilizes music to channel inner turmoil and shift mood; facilitator presents song or allows an opportunity for clients to present songs with thoughts, feelings, emotions evoked and distribute to the group.

Experiential Therapy

The facilitator uses various methods including empty chairs and numerous venues to allow feelings, attitudes, and beliefs that are considered subconscious, or below the level of conscious experience, to merge into awareness.

Yoga & Reiki Healing

Yoga instructor provides various physical stretches, chair exercises, and techniques according to skill level for mind/body wellness. Breath and bodywork are performed by a specialist to focus and move various energies.

Family Therapy

The facilitator uses lessons on co-dependency, enabling and continued methods to identify family systems perspectives; Satir modeled overlay with role identification in the family unit and how to heal the family system. Family therapists and additional clinicians offer opportunities for family therapy on “face time”/zoom, as addiction and mental health concerns are a family issue affecting the entire dynamic.

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